Free Guides For Choosing Color For Your Home Like A Pro

If you want to choose colors like a professional the first thing you must acknowledge is that your home is as unique as you are. Even if it is similar to other homes nearby it is not exactly identical. It is in a different location. There are differences in materials. And most importantly a different family lives inside. 

When you chose your color scheme it needs to fit the distinctive qualities of both you and your home. But how can you choose your colors knowing you’ve made the right choice? In helping thousands of people make confident color choices, I have found that understanding the color decision making process is even more important than having an eye for color when it comes to your home's exterior.

Once you understand the process, you’ll discover that your home can point you in the right color direction. In my ebook, The {FRESH} Guide To Exterior Color, you will learn the 5-step method I use for choosing exterior colors.

Then I take you a step further in my ebook, {FRESH} Schemes For Your Home Exterior. You learn how to apply the {FRESH} thinking process to different styles of homes including yours. Beginning with the established colors, you will see examples of how I used my FRESH approach to select colors for seven different homes. As you look at each example you will see how different homes call for different colors and how easy it can be to find inspiration without ever leaving home.

{FRESH} Color For Your Home Exterior

For each style you’ll first see three different color schemes that includes the roof, siding, windows, door and trim. Then I’ll walk you through my thought process for choosing a scheme for a home of that style. You can find tips for how to handle the different materials and exterior details often found on that particular style.

Don’t worry if your home doesn’t fall into one of these particular styles. The benefit of getting to peak inside my mind through the explanations and illustrations is that you can clearly see how you can apply the same thought process confident that your choices are the right ones for your home.