Freeze/Thaw Not an Issue with a DaVinci Roof

If you live in an area where temperature changes cause a lot of freeze and thaw, then your roof probably experiences it too.

In fact, freeze/thaw issues can be detrimental to all roof products, including natural slate and shake. A wood shake roof, especially, will experience freeze/thaw cycles. And when a natural wood roof goes through those cycles, it can split, crack, curl and even develop holes in the shakes – that then allows for pests and water to get through the shingles.This ultimately breaks down the overall roof and is the reason that wood shake roofs don’t last as long in areas that experience broad temperature swings from day to night.

DaVinci’s imitation slate shingles and our cedar shake alternative shingles are made of 100% virgin polymer resin, which is impervious to freeze-thaw cycles. Since our tiles do not absorb water, the issues that come with freezing aren’t a problem with our manmade product. Likewise, our tiles are thermally stable – the coefficient of thermal expansion is 10-3in/in °F.  HUH?!  In other words, a DaVinci 12” slate tile expands 1/12” with a 100 degree temperature swing.

DaVinci 12” slate tiles expands 1/12” with a 100 degree temperature swing – See more at:

The fact that our tiles have such little movement during freeze/thaw cycles is another great benefit of going with a synthetic polymer roof tile.