FRESH and Natural Ebook is Here!

Hot off the press is the latest addition in the FRESH exterior color series FRESH and Natural: Top Down Nature Inspired Color for Your Home. You can grab your copy right here on the DaVinci Roofscapes website.

Nature Crafted Collection Ebook Cover

In this ebook, you will find expert advice from Kate Smith of Sensational Color on selecting a color scheme for your Nature Crafted Collection roof (or any roof color) and suggested exterior color schemes listing the paint name and manufacturers number to make it easy to duplicate the look on your home.

We shine a spotlight on the three newest DaVinci colors: Black Oak, Aged Cedar, and Mossy Cedar but the advice and exterior color schemes contained in the ebook is right for any home.

FRESH and Natural Ebook Black Oak

To bring out the beauty of a roof that is made to look aged like Black Oak roof, use natured based colors that are toned down so that all of the elements of your home to look like they have withstood the test of time rather than being brand, spanking, new. You’ll find five color schemes that can help you to create that look on your own home.

FRESH and Natural Ebook Aged Cedar

Warm neutral colors always work with cedar and are especially nice with the warmth and depth Aged Cedar. Not sure what a warm neutral is? No need to worry. You’ll find several examples and plenty of inspiration for creating a perfect color palette for your home in this ebook.

Nature Crafted Collection Ebook Mossy Cedar

Mossy Cedar has the look of cedar shaded from direct sunlight. The aging process in these conditions gives the roofing material a slightly moss green cast. While you might think that your color scheme needs to include green because there is green in the tones of the roof, the ebook guides you on how this beautiful roof can top off a wide range of exterior colors beautifully.

Get your FRESH and Natural ebook now!

You’ll find easy to follow advice on selecting an exterior color scheme and 15 inspired color combinations that complement the Nature Crafted Collection or any of the DaVinci Roofscape colors.

Get your copy of FRESH and Natural: Top Down Nature Inspired Color for Your Home ebook and our two previous FRESH collection ebooks here.