Get Up on the Roof Faster with Polymer Roofing

polymer roofing productsIf you’re a roofing contractor, you live by the old saying, “time is money.” For you, this means getting new roofing tiles up on the roof faster, so you can begin your roofing project. Here’s the secret: polymer roofing tiles can help you start a project quicker.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we manufacture both shake and slate polymer roofing products. While both products are lightweight, our composite slate pieces in particular weigh much less than their natural counterpart: real slate shingles. This means that physically transporting the tiles to the roof is an easier, faster process on the job site.

Time Savers

There are other ways you can also save on time by using polymer roofing from DaVinci. Pre-sorted, factory-collated color blends arrive in authentic blends. This means you don’t have to waste valuable time sorting and blending colors.

Another time saver comes to you because DaVinci pre-sorts and factory-collates the widths of polymer roofing products for you. For example, if you select a multi-width slate product, each multi-width bundle comes to you composed of five shingle widths that are factory collated for easy installation. This eliminates job site sorting and blending of widths before you can ever put down your first tile.

Get the Facts

Looking for a “side by side” comparison of the attributes of polymer roofing compared to other products? Then make sure to visit our Comparison Guides on the DaVinci website. And, check out our blog, “Real Slate Versus Composite Slate Roofing.”

We’re certain you’ll discover that, in addition to getting you up on the roof faster, there are an abundance of ways that our synthetic slate and shake roofing products out-perform natural products.