Get Your Roof Ready for Autumn

Summer sun may still be beating down on us, but it's not too early to get your home's exterior ready for autumn. As a bonus, the regular maintenance you do now on your home adds to its curb appeal and means less work when the weather turns colder.

Sustainable RoofingStart with your roof and gutters. Before your beautiful oak and maple trees shed all their leaves, check out the condition of your both your roof and gutters.

Using either a ladder or binoculars from across the street, look for problem areas in your roof, such as missing or broken shingles, along with roofing tiles that may be “flapping” in the wind. These are indications that roof repairs or a new roof may be in your future. If that’s the case, research the benefits of synthetic shake and simulated slate roofing tiles. These impact- and fire-resistant tiles come in a wide variety of colors and require minimal upkeep. Some roofing tiles, like those from DaVinci Roofscapes, help prevent roof hail damage and are classified as an environmentally friendly roof. They also have a 50 year roof warranty.

Next, check out your gutters. Too many homeowners underestimate the importance of the gutter system on the home. Several times a year you should to make sure your gutters are clean, unclogged, securely attached to your home and remain sloped for proper drainage. Plus, make sure the water running off the roof doesn’t cause damage to your building's structure, landscaping or property below the roof.

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