Going Gray, Looking Great!

Gray is beautiful. Whether on the silvery locks of a woman or the unique weathered gray blend on a designer roof, gray is in.

Diana Lewis Jewell, author of the book “Going Gray, Looking Great!” believes that gray is the color that gives women confidence. She also thinks that the “confidence building color” can extend to the home, so we decided to gain her perspective on “going gray” for the home.

Q: How much do you think a personal style can be translated to a home exterior?

A: A sense of personal style gives a woman character, grace and beauty. And, this does translate to a home. A woman’s personal touch is always in it, whether on the interior or exterior.

Q: You prefer to refer to gray as “silver” … so tell us about your thoughts of “a touch of silver” on the roof.

A: I see no reason why the roofing tile on a home can’t correspond with the silver in your hair. I love the range of silver shades offered by DaVinci Roofscapes. Gray hair comes in so many shades .. and I see this reflected in the many shades of silver offered by DaVinci for the roof too! As we know, silver hair is sexy, gorgeous and strong … now I see you can get those same qualities in a designer roof!

Q: What type of attitude does a person have who has accepted and embraced their gray hair?

A: The person who has gray hair has to be open to life … to change … and to accepting whatever stage of gray they’re in. You know, silvery gray is now a trend among the very young, too. And while they have to bleach out their hair to achieve silver streaks, some folks get it naturally!

Q: Is gray a passing fad?

A: Absolutely not. We have more than 10,000 women subscribers at our site www.cafe-gray.com. These are returning fans of silver/gray hair … and I’ve got to believe that their love of gray translates to other areas in their lives, such as color accents for the home, silver jewelry and yes, even roofs!