Gray? Beige? Greige? Which is Best for Creating Curb Appeal?

Weathered Gray ResidentialNeutrals are the most popular option for exteriors; still, homeowners have many questions about whether gray, beige, or greige is the best color for creating curb appeal for their house’s exterior. Some people think going with a neutral like gray or beige is the easiest to get right, yet it is the one I get asked for help choosing these “easy” colors far more often than any others. August is National Curb Appeal Month, so I wanted to look at the colors in the top spots with homeowners.

Not surprisingly, according to a nationwide homeowner “2021 Roof Purchasing Study” conducted by Signet Research Inc. for DaVinci Roofscapes, the most common roof colors are black, grey, and brown. Versatile, classic colors like black, gray, and brown are reassuring and will continue to retain their top positions for years to come.

The 2021 Signet Study shows a swing back towards beige, bringing a warm, familiar feeling many people crave. Beige hasn’t edged out gray for home exteriors. At least not yet. Gray and beige tie is the #1 exterior color preference, but it is picking up steam.

Beautiful Beiges

Beige has a refined, traditional appearance paired with classic black, navy, green, and burgundy hues. Beige looks modern when mixed with natural elements or materials inspired by nature. The vibe is calm and effortless in a tonal scheme of tans and browns.

DaVinci Exterior Colors Beige

Gorgeous Grays

Gray has been a best-seller in recent years for both exteriors and interiors, too. It is a color that transcends home styles and settings. There is a gray to fit houses of every size, type, and age. Gray is a natural with black and gray roofing but also pairs well with natural cedar. It is an adaptable color that works with most other hues.

DaVinci Exterior Colors Gray

Gray, which many call the perfect neutral, shares the top spot with beige, but if you look at many of the most popular grays for home exteriors, you’ll see they lean warm. To harmonize with stone, brick, and other exterior materials, a gray that leans warm — tan, taupe, or brown — is often the best choice.

Versatile Greige

Many warm grays, called “greige,” live between gray and beige. They aren’t quite beige, yet they aren’t precisely gray, either. Think of greige as a chameleon color that can change depending on what you put next to it. The adaptable nature of greige makes it an easy color for homeowners to love. You can just as easily pair it with gray or black as you can with brown or tan.

DaVinci Exterior Colors Greige

All of the neutrals for home exteriors, whether beige, greige, or gray, have a complexity that keeps them from ever feeling dull—quite the opposite. These tones are the perfect backdrop for any colors or elements a homeowner wants to add to express their personality or style, creating a home with amazing curb appeal. Then, in a few years, to refresh your house, you have to change the color of your door or shutters for a different look while maintaining the curb appeal.

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