Green Roof Systems: November 15th Is America Recycles Day

DaVinci RecyclesAs a manufacturing company, we work daily to be consciously aware of the environment. Moreover, as a roofing manufacturing company, we feel the need to be even more environmentally conscious when creating our green roof systems.


Roofs are something every single building and home has to have – so there are a lot of them. And many of them need to be replaced over time – so what happens to the old roof? What happens when the new roof is being put on? Replacing a roof can lead to quite a bit of waste, often headed for the landfills. So, when creating our synthetic shake shingles and our imitation slate shingles, we have not only examined the manufacturing creation process of our shingles, but we have also looked at what happens after the 50+ years that our roofs are on homes. 

Here's how DaVinci celebrates November 15th, America Recycles Day, every day:

  • We make tiles in our own Kansas City, Kansas facility to save energy and transportation cost.
  • We utilize the energy we consume to help heat the plant during the winter months.
  • We use 100% pure virgin resins for our roof tiles to guarantee a sustainable product. Any materials that fail to meet finished specs are recycled for use in our starter tiles.
  • Every DaVinci tile is 100% recyclable.
  • Our Multi-Width shingle system allows for less waste at the job site, therefore less material is needed and wasted.
  • We offer a "Cool Roof" product through our DaVinci EcoBlend® tiles. They are an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Product.
  • We contribute to the LEED® Certification Process.
  • We offer a recycling program that is two fold: contractors can return waste from a job site to our plant for recycling into starter tiles and entire roofs can be returned to our plant for recycling into starter tiles after their 50+ year life has expired. Read more about our recycling program here.

What do you do to support the environment? Do you recycle? In what ways?