He Likes… She Likes… How to Resolve a Common Color Delimma

Color consulting or color therapy? When trying to get a couple to agree on a color scheme there is sometimes a fine line between the two.

That is because color is very personal. Even if a person is usually willing to make concessions on a color choice, when it comes to something as important as the exterior of their home they may not be as willing to compromise. So how can a couple agree on a color scheme when they have different ideas or likes?

Here are a couple of strategies to use when trying to arrive at a mutual color decision:

Begin with each person picking two or three favorites. Then look at them. Is there any similarity or are you at opposite ends of the spectrum?

If there are colors that are the same or similar then it might not be too difficult to come together on a decision. For example, you and your spouse might be trying to decide between two of DaVinci Roofscapes standard blends for fake cedar shakes– Autumn or Tahoe. The first step is to take a good look at the blend using the Color Designer Tool. See how the colors in the blend work with the other elements of your exterior.  Does one clearly work better on your home?

DaVinci Standard Shake Blends Tahoe and Autumn
Looking at your colors together and talking about why you like them can help.
Using the online color designer allows you to hone in on just the right blend.
Shown above are DaVinci Shake standard blends of Tahoe and Autumn

But what if your favorite colors are not at all alike? The first thing to do is see if the colors might work together rather than choosing one side or the other. If one of you prefers more muted colors while the other likes brighter hues, you may want to divide and conquer.

Could the more muted tones work on the roof or body of the home and the brighter colors on the front door, trim or shutters? Mixing and matching is a good compromise as a long as the colors compliment your home.

DaVinci Slate Gray Synthetic Slate with a red front door
The person that likes the more muted colors will love
DaVinci Slate Gray Synthetic Slate while the red front door
can satisfy a desire for brighter colors

If you still can’t come to an agreement you can always come in and have a seat on my virtual color couch. Unlike a therapist however I’m happy to give you my opinion.