Help! I Need a Contractor!

fake slateCan’t seem to find a contractor for your roofing and siding needs? Don’t worry, we can help! Simply click on the option “locate a contractor” at the top our website, complete the form and submit it to us. Our team will help you find a high-end contractor to install our imitation slate tiles or shake alternative. We work with professionals that fully understand the unique qualities of our products and are dedicated to providing top quality service to home and building owners.

Our blog also features regular interviews with contractors who have used our products. You can read their feedback and get more details about their project profiles to identify similarities with your project and professionals you can hire. If you can’t seem to find the right contractor, then our support team will gladly help you in your search for a qualified contractor that can install our polymer roof tiles.

Most contractors that have experience with synthetic roofing materials or with installing natural cedar shake will be able to install our product. You can take the time to review the product brochure we send to familiarize yourself with our products until you find a contractor. Our website also has customer reviews. You may be able to find a contractor by yourself after you read customer stories. Helpful details from these stories will make it easier to build confidence in a contractor.