How Dark is Too Dark for Our Roof?

I am replacing our shake roof with a DaVinci product. I want to get the color right because this will hopefully be the only roof I will put on this house. I have considered the Mountain Blend, the Weathered Green Blend, Slate Gray-VariBlend and Slate Black-Vari-Blend or a combination of the mountain, gray and possibly green. I noticed that you have added Smokey Gray which I also think would look nice because I felt that black might be too dark but the slate gray not dark enough. I am attaching photos of the house and would appreciate your advice on the best roof color.

Terri Mardis
Rogers, Arkansas
Product: DaVinci Multi-Width Slate


Hello Ms. Mardis,

You have a lovely home and I can see why you are considering each of the colors you mention. Here is what I recommend.

First, decide if you prefer the look of shake or slate. Either one could work very nicely on your home so it becomes a matter of personal taste. Changing to slate will be the bigger change and will add a bit of formality.

As for color, you are correct that black would be too dark. I like the dark gray of Smokey Gray or the dark gray/brown of Mountain depending on whether you chose Multi-Width Slate or Multi-Width Shake.

A blend of colors could work but a more solid color with the look of natural color variations like the ones I'm recommending will keep the focus on your entrance and the interesting details of the front of your home.

I hope those thoughts help you to make your final color selection.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert