How Do DaVinci Imitation Slate Shingles Compare to Natural Slate?

If you are considering a slate roof, no doubt you are looking into your options. In fact, in addition to natural slate, you could opt for synthetic slate roof tile, such as ours.

Synthetic Slate Roof ShinglesHowever, you may want to know the difference between DaVinci synthetic slate roof shingles and natural slate.

We have an awesome comparison chart on our website, but I have also listed some of the key points below:

  • Thickness – DaVinci Slate is 1/2" Thick at the butt end. You can certainly get this with natural slate, but you will be paying for it too! Also, you might have to "beef up" your roof so that it can handle the weight of natural slate with 1/2" thickness.
  • Pre-mixed Color Blends – DaVinci comes standard with several color blends. You can even make your own color blend with our existing colors. This is possible with natural slate too – but what isn't possible is that it will show up at your job site collated according to color and ready to roof. Rather, roofers will have to sort it out on the ground, costing you more labor time.
  • Lightweight – DaVinci is very lightweight – similar to the weight of asphalt shingles, whereas natural slate, as a stone, is very heavy and it's weight depends on the thickness and density of the slate.
  • Waste in Installation – DaVinci tiles, when installed properly, have very little waste – only in the valleys, really. Whereas natural slate can break and crack on the way to the jobsite or at the jobsite leading to as much as 15% waste. That's 15% more product you need to order "just in case".

Did you choose DaVinci over natural slate? What was your reasoning? Are you pleased with your decision? Please share your comments below.