How to Find a Contractor

What's in your toolbox?

If you're visiting the DaVinci Roofscapes website, your homeowner toolbox includes a handy chart that allows you to compare DaVinci simulated slate roofing green roof systemsproducts to natural slate and other synthetic slate roofing options. Click the chart and you can then compare DaVinci composite shake products to natural cedar shake roofing and to other simulated synthetic shake roofing options.

Your homeowner toolbox from DaVinci also includes full product warranty information on our polymer roofing, an overview of roofing terminology and, most importantly, important tips on how to select a contractor.

This section offers tips on where to find contractors, doing "due diligence" when interviewing and selecting a contractor and what to look for in a roofing proposal from a contractor. This handy tip sheet can make the start-to-finish project of re-roofing a home go much smoother.

Here are a few of the tips you'll find in our Homeowner Toolbox:

– Established roofing materials distributors are a good source for identifying contractors. They usually know who's been around and who pays their bills.

– If you are buying a DaVinci composite shake or synthetic slate roof and live in a geographic area that gets snow, make sure your proposal includes snow guards.

– Try to get trade references from where contractors purchase their materials.

For more insights on selecting a roofer for luxury roof installation, see The Proposal … No Diamond Ring Required.