How to Use The Right 2020 Color Trend on Your Home Exterior – Part One

Popular colors in 2020 are all about life … experiencing it fully, enjoying it softly and engaging in it passionately. Trending colors in 2020 and 2021 will both move the soul and embrace the spirit of life. There are four distinct color palettes I’m seeing that are rising in popularity. On one end of the spectrum, there are earthy, connected colors and then there are fun, playful colors on the other end. I’ll be showing you each color trend in the next. few blog posts, starting with a trend titled “Full Circle.”

Exterior Color Trends 2020 - 2021

Full Circle: A Color Trend for 2020 and Beyond

Our evolving view of the world around us comes to life in colors that feel natural, stable, and balanced yet vibrant and fully alive — Naval, Back to Nature, China Porcelain, Thunder, and Intenso Beige mirror this attitude.

What’s Driving the Trend?

Our innate need for connections drives concern and compassion for others, animals, and the earth. Rather than standing apart, we strive to live in step with our world, embracing the yin yang of opposing but complementary forces on earth.

How is this Trend Influencing Design?

A full-circle approach to design includes using biodegradable materials, re-purposing manufacturing waste, and connecting with consumers seeking eco-friendly practices and products with a longer life span.

Using the 2020 – 2021 Color Trends on Your Exterior

Just because a color is on-trend doesn’t mean your look will be trendy. Here are four timeless exterior color combinations for your home using some of today’s trending colors.

Full Circle Color Trend: Select Shake Tahoe Ramie

Naval is a classic navy blue that can be beautiful as a main, trim, or accent color. In a neutral scheme like the one shown here, the deep navy adds the contrast needed to keep this exterior scheme from fading into its surroundings.

Full Circle Tan-Buff – Province Slate Smokey Gray.

Believe it or not, beige is swinging back into trend and is a popular choice for a home exterior. It is especially attractive combined with a brick in the same tones. Staying with the blue trend, I chose a deep blue with a big dollop of charcoal gray for the front door. This color complements the main color and blends with the roof.

Full Circle Select Shake Mossy Cedar makes for a great color trend

Green is right at home in almost any setting. A soft vegetal green harmonizes with the tan and browns, producing an exterior scheme as soothing as a peaceful forest.

Full Circle Province Smokey Gray Chinese Porcelain is a great color trend

Neutrals are no longer the only colors that people are thinking about as the main color for their exterior. Statement colors such as a strong warm blue with light trim can change a house from one that blends into the neighborhood into a striking home that turns heads.

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