I Hate My Cedar Roof Shingles

Cedar Roof ShinglesCracking. Rotting. Splitting. If you have real cedar roof shingles, you’re probably fed up with all the maintenance hassles. Worse yet, you’re looking at costly annual repairs that really won’t fix the problem of deteriorating true cedar roof shingles.

This day is dedicated to you and your frustrations. Today is “I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore Day” … and the good news is that you don’t have to!

Toss Out Your Old Cedar Roof

If your home has cedar roof shingles and you’re ready for a change, we encourage you to visit our DaVinci Roofscapes website.

We understand that you like the look of real cedar. It has a weathered appearance that complements many home styles.

But, you don’t have to sacrifice the look you like to get the carefree cedar roof shingles you’ll love for a lifetime on your home.

A Better Choice

Multi-width composite shake shingles from DaVinci are reminiscent of the texture of natural cedar shake. You’ll find deep-grained surfaces that reflect natural textures … and the look of premium, real cedar shake shingles.

Cedar Roof Shingles

Our hand-split composite shake roofing tiles are carefully crafted from worry-free polymer. The tiles feature both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend for an authentic look. And, with a 5/8″ profile on each tile, you’ll gain a deep, realistic shadow line.

When you select a DaVinci Multi-Width synthetic cedar shake roofing tile for your home, you have unlimited color selection choices. We offer dozens of single colors and nine beautiful combinations of color blends. Plus, we’ve just introduced the unmatched natural beauty of wood grains in our Nature Crafted Collection.

We’ve also made it faster and easier for your roofer to install your composite cedar roof shingles. Bundles of tiles — in 9″, 8″, 7″, 6″ and 4″ widths, arrive at your home pre-sorted by color and size. This eliminates the on-site sorting and guesswork … and assures you of a spectacular roof. Plus, you get to decide if you’d like your composite tiles installed in a straight or staggered pattern.

No More Worries

Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, with DaVinci composite shake shingles you’ll never have to worry again about dealing with curling, popping or splitting real cedar shake shingles. Year-after-year you’ll enjoy the consistent appearance and ease-of-care of synthetic cedar shake.

Cedar Roof Shingles

Think about it. No more concerns about the inevitable rotting or cracking of real cedar roof shingles. No more worries about the potential for hail damage. No more fears of fire spread.

If you love the look of cedar shake, there’s no reason to shy away from it. Simply make the smart choice of investing in authentic-looking composite shake shingles. Give your home the roof it deserves … with the maintenance ease your family will appreciate.