Inside a Roofer’s Mind

Since 1993 Eaton Roofing and Exteriors has helped Kansas homeowners get new roofs over their heads. The company prides itself on offering a full range of residential roofing services including new roof installation, maintenance and repair.

DJI_0001 – Ryan home

For the past dozen years the team at Eaton Roofing has installed composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes. During that time they’ve put up more than 150 synthetic shake and composite slate ro

ofs. With so much experience on their side, we asked Mark Eaton, president of the company, to share his insights on what a typical homeowner should know about roofing.

“We understand that purchasing a new roof can be a confusing process,” says Eaton. “A good roofing company should help you simplify the process as much as possible by helping you select exactly the right materials for your specific roofing needs.

“Once the selections are made, a quality roofer should be efficient, safe and neat on the job site. At our company we tidy up at the end of each day and thoroughly clean a job site at the completion of the re-roofing process. Actually, we strive to leave each roofing job site looking better than it was beforehand!”

At Eaton Roofing the team deals with many storm-related damaged roofs. According to Eaton, hail-resistance, quality and appearance are the key selling aspects of DaVinci impact-resistant roofs for people in his area.

Here are some other tips offered by Eaton to consider when re-roofing your home:

Tip #1 – Get a roofer to thoroughly examine your existing roof and point out specifically where there’s damage. If there’s hail or other damage to the roof, make sure to have your insurance company come out to evaluate the roof.

Tip #2 – Compare the roofer’s inspection of damages to the insurance inspection documents to ensure that all damages are recognized and accounted for. If needed, have your roofer meet the insurance adjuster to go over any damages that are found on the roof. Everyone should be on the same page before re-roofing work starts.

Tip #3 – Work with your roofers to set up a “safety perimeter zone” around your house so you’ll know exactly where they’re working and so that you can identify shrubbery or other areas that need extra securing.

Tip #4 – During the day(s) of re-roofing, make certain that children and pets are secured. Practice “safety first” for your own family during this process.

Tip #5 – Make sure to get the workmanship/manufacturer warranty along with the invoice from your roofer. And, assure that the same invoice is sent to your insurance provider so they know the repairs have been completed.

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