Insights from 2014 Color Contest Finalists

What does it feel like to be named one of five finalists in the 2014 "Shake It Up" Exterior Color Contest? According to finalist Eric Nogami, "My wife and family are besides themselves and have not stopped talking about it!"


The Perkasie, Pennsylvania resident, who submitted the entry "Historic Pennsylvania Stone Farmhouse" says his home was originally built in 1870. "I'm interested in having a completely different opinion from someone not familiar with the house on the possibilities of renovation in terms of colors and materials," says Nogami. "If we win the grand prize, the cash would go toward the renovation of the farmhouse, with the original slate roofing being the first thing we'd change!"

Two-time finalist Marquis Cayce agrees that the roof comes first. "We REALLY, REALLY need a new roof," says Cayce, a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. "Our home is about 80 years old and 'when' we win all the money will go toward a new roof!"

For finalist Kim Schwerdtfeger, her cry is "give me color!" The Bel Aire, Kansas resident says "The exterior of my house is brown, brown and brown. Where's the fun in that?" remarks Schwerdtfeger. "It's kind of mind-blowing to know that my ugly little house in the middle of Kansas was selected as a finalist. If I win, I'm installing new entry doors for sure … and I'd love to rebuild my front porch!"

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, finalist Justin Vedder describes his home as "a diamond in the rough."

"Being a finalist and possibly winning the contest would help us achieve our dream of restoring the home to its grandest potential," says Vedder. "Our home is about 113 years old and it desperately needs paint and preservation work."

The fifth finalist in the contest, Brigitte Meehan, lives in Elgin, Illinois in a "cookie cutter" house that is eight years old. "When we bought this home, I was in love with the floor plan," says Meehan. "My only apprehension was the front of the home. I am far from in love with it.

"I have always had plans to make changes, but other expenses related to home ownership and/or having children seemed to take top priority. I entered the contest with the hopes to win so I can make the changes that I've always dreamt of."

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