Interview with Longtime Contractor, Barbie Copp of Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc

Barbie Copp, owner of Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc in Blue Jay, CA has been installing DaVinci Synthetic Roofing Material for a number of years.  We asked her for an interview for our blog.  Thank you, Barbie for answering our questions.

How’d you first discover DaVinci? 

At a San Diego Roofing Convention, we saw it across the room and couldn’t wait to get over to the last row!  That was the beginning of our romance!

What do you like about DaVinci? Color blends? Shape of tiles? Performance? 

I like the wood shake look since our mountain area is enforcing the removal of wood shake roofs.  I love the color blends.  Regarding the performance, we live in a snowy mountain area and pine cones will generally break a tile roof, but not a scratch on the DaVinci roofs!

What’s the biggest thing that homeowners say to you about DaVinci?

They love the durability of the product.  It is perfect for our harsh winters.

Why do you like DaVinci? 

The look, the durability and it resembles a wood shake roof, and it’s beautiful and appealing to the eye!  It gives a home a face lift!

Are there homeowners that you wouldn’t recommend DaVinci to?

I would like everyone to install it – but it seems to be a popular choice with our clients in the gated communities.

What DaVinci products have you worked with? 

Shake and Slate.

Which DaVinci products do you like? Do you have a favorite color blend?

I like the shake…favorite color was DaVinci Shake Alternative’s Autumn Blend until you came out with Tahoe Blend.  Looking forward to more colors.

What other roofing products do you install? 

Composition, Metal, etc.

How long have you been in the roofing  business?

Barbie Copp 15 years…George Copp over 50 years!

Do you have a favorite DaVinci job?  In other words, a favorite house or building where you installed DaVinci?  Why is it your favorite? 

I love them all…the one that stands out is a 12/12 pitch and we did a 2” looks beautiful and it gives the home a cottage charm.

If you would like for Copp Roofing to install your DaVinci environmentally friendly roof, please feel free to phone them at (909) 336-4074 or (866) ROOF-COP.