Helpful Tips to Get Ready for Stormy Spring Weather

The weather can be unpredictable during springtime and having a damaged roof that offers little protection can be frustrating. To protect yourself from finding out the hard way that you have a leaky or damaged roof, you might consider hiring a contractor to do an assessment for you.

Important points that need to be covered in the assessment include: age of current roof, climate, and any damage your roof might have suffered from previous storms – including hail, falling branches, weight of snow, wind, ice and rain. The earlier you get this assessment done, the quicker you can take action to remove cedar roof shingles and damaged asphalt shingles.

But what if you have cedar shakes and asphalt shingles that are showing obvious signs of wear and tear? The damage may be small, but it does leave you feeling anxious about any shifts in the weather conditions. Like most home or building owners you want to preserve the look you currently have or adopt a more modern look to coordinate even better with your surroundings. You don’t want a home that stands out like a sore thumb, but one that protects and gives you comfort in calm and inclement weather.

DaVinci Roofscapes offers a wide variety of lightweight tiles that require little maintenance and have superior performance for many years. The 50-year warranty on our products is our sign of confidence that we know that many rooftops are better protected from the high impact of hail, wind, and freeze-thaw cycles caused by snow and ice. With our environmentally friendly roof you can match the look of your current roof or adopt a color you prefer before springtime weather sets in.

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