Items to Consider When Getting a Roofing Estimate

Getting a Roofing EstimateIf you are in the process of constructing a home or a building, or just re-roofing, then it's important to understand all that you need to consider for your project. Whatever venture may be, there are many things that factor in to costs.

One key consideration for a re-roof project is tear-off. You need to think about and be aware of possible extra costs generated from the time, labor and materials involved in tearing off the old roof. Make sure you ask about these costs and that they are included in your estimate.

If you have a new construction project, tear off won't be an added cost because everything is being laid for the first time, so there is nothing to tear off or throw away. However, make sure you ask about any extras that could bump up your costs, like decking, nails, etc. Always ask if the estimate includes all materials and labor.

Other key items consider:

  • HOA and City Rules – Know the roofing materials that your HOA or city allows.  Also, you will want to know if you need a building permit – waiting on a building permit on the day that the job starts doesn't make anyone happy.
  • Material – Be prepared with the type of lightweight roofing materials that you're interested in using. Have you see samples? Do you like it? Have you seen it on a roof?
  • Roofer Estimates – 3 names of roofers to call – you definitely want to get at least three bids for your roofing project.
  • Roofing Pitch – roofers can figure this out, but it's nice to have when you call to set up an appointment for an estimate.
  • Weather and Timing – depending on where you live, there might be limitations as to when a roofing product can be installed. For example, some roofing products cannot be installed in cold weather. So while a roofer might be inclined to work in colder weather, the roofing product might not be up for the task

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What other factors were important for you when you got a roofing estimate? Are you a roofer? What items do you like for business owners or homeowners to have ready?