Know Your Roofing Terminology & Understand Your Estimate

Researching roof products? You might be at a point where you need a new roof and knowing your roofing terminology is an important step in the process. As with any large construction project, you want to have general knowledge of terms so you have a clear understanding when the roofing contractor is discussing options with you.

Probably the easiest way to understand roofing language is to see it in a diagram:

Roofing Terms

When it comes to DaVinci products – your contractor will order starter tiles, hip and ridge pieces and field tiles (not identified in the diagram above, but these are the tiles that are on the main surface area of a roof).

When you get a roofing estimate, there are usually three parts:

  • material costs
  • labor costs
  • disposal costs

Material costs should include the cost of our lightweight roofing materials, any necessary underlayments (this will vary on where you live in the country, the pitch of your roof and more), and metal flashings. Again, it's important to know that material costs will vary based on the shape, size, pitch of your roof and more. That's why we recommend securing three estimates when roofing.

Be sure to double check to make sure labor costs and disposal costs are included in your estimate. These should be separate line items or the estimate should clearly state that those costs are included in your total estimate. You don't want to have any surprise costs sneak up on you at the last minute.

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