Let It Snow… And Keep The Snow On Your Roof

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, then you’re probably already aware of the importance of snow guards on the roof. Or perhaps you have just moved into a cold region and aren’t familiar with snowguards, what they do, and why you should install them.

DaVinci Roof with Rocky Mountain SnowguardsSnowguards are a useful, and often necessary, addition to your roof. When the snow showers taper and the sun shines once again on your roof, the snow that has accumulated on your rooftop begins to melt. Snowguards help prevent snow from sliding off your roof in large chunks (otherwise known as a roof avalanche) and causing damage to whatever it might land on below (landscaping, mailboxes, etc).

In yet another situation, snow melting during winter can leave an array of large icicles. This cone shaped ice brings with it another set of problems, including blocked gutters and broken structures. Properly insulating your attic and ensuring that adequate ventilation will also help snow melt more evenly and help prevent ice damming.

As a homeowner, you can ward off the problems that come from uneven snow melting with snow guards, proper roof ventilation and adequate insulation in your attic. Modern snow guards blend well with synthetic slate roof shingles, simulated shake roofing, and other many kinds of roofs.

And the result? Your roof retains its beauty, your landscaping avoids damage,  and you enjoy the snow without worry.