Listen and Learn

When your parents first sent you to school, they probably did so with the admonishment to “listen and learn.” In some ways, it’s the same advice we’re offering if you’re in the market for a new designer roof — listen and learn.

Here are some insightful comments from contractors who have installed imitation slate tiles and synthetic shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes. In this case you can “read and learn” a great deal from their experiences.

We’ve done numerous re-roofing jobs with slate and shake profile tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes. When we’re bidding on a job, we showcase these DaVinci products because they look great when properly installed, offer an excellent warranty and have a Class 4 impact rating which is very important in our area.”

Mark Bloyer
Bloyer Roofing

If friends or family asked me about the DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing products, I’d tell them they’re some of the very best roofing products available anywhere in the world. And, I’d make sure they knew that I would put this product on my own home without hesitation.”

Rob Orf
Delta Exteriors

Our team has installed more than 100 DaVinci roofs in the Aspen and Vail areas. This is the only synthetic roof we install. The track record we have with this polymer roofing product is very impressive.”

Trevor H. Cannon
Umbrella Roofing

 “Part of educating our clients is making sure they understand that this roofing product is a smart investment for their home because it adds value and helps protect the home in severe weather conditions. We believe DaVinci is the best synthetic slate product in the marketplace and we’ve installed the roofing tiles on several homes in our area.”

Victoria Jackson
Classic Restorations