Looking for 3-Color Combination for Our Roof

Trying to select an appropriate 3 color combination in Multi-Width Slate for my house. Here are some details to go along with the 2 attached photos. Front door is Cinnamon which is a dark mahogany color. Garage doors will eventually be replaced to match as closely to the front door color. Gutters and downspouts will be replaced with copper half round gutters and round down spouts. Chimney pots will be replaced with either copper or clay. Existing roof is brown. Would like to keep in line with the brown but go darker than what is currently there. Was thinking of Slate Black, Dark Tahoe and Dark Chesapeake with copper snow guards; however, it is hard to tell the colors exactly from the website. Based upon the above information and the pictures of the house do those colors make sense or do you suggest something different? I want to get this absolutely right. Please let me know. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Andrew Crisp
Darien, Illinois
Product: Multi-Width Slate


Hello Mr. Crisp,

The updates you are making to your home sound really great. I think you are on the right track going brown with the your blend for the roof. I also like the idea of a 3-color mix of colors to add interest to the roof surface.

I looked at the three colors you were considering – Slate Black, Dark Tahoe and Dark Chesapeake. This could work but I am concerned that the Slate Black may look "spotty" rather than an integral part of the color blend. It would be best to get some full size tiles and have them laid onto the roof surface so you can see how it will actually look when installed.

An alternate choice would be to replace the Slate Black with Dark Mountain. This is a brown darkened with black. It would be similar but without the high contrast of the black. You can also sample this so you could see both of the blends and decide which on looks best.

I hope that helps you to make a decision about the blend for your new roof.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert