Love my Roofing Contractor

February is the month of love … so naturally we wanted to share some insights from homeowners who love their roofing contractors!

From Bruce Froendt in Omaha, Nebraska

"The team at Weatherguard helped us devise a color palette that was very pleasing for our roof. The installers did a good job and cleaned up the job site every day. Very importantly, the company kept within the budget and was easy to work with throughout the entire process. We would recommend Weatherguard to others looking for a roofing contractor in our area!"

From Barry Walker in Killingworth, Connecticut

"We were very pleased with Eagle Rivet. The team was extremely efficient and did a very good job. They accomplished what they said they would do in the timeframe they quoted. We had an open dialogue throughout the entire project and they're an excellent company to work with."

From Jim Walker in Wichita, Kansas

"Our roofer, Heiland Roofing, was super. He understood our problem and made our job a priority because of the leaks we were experiencing. He was at the jobsite on a regular basis making sure his team was handling the project expertly. This is what I expect out of professionals like these. Mike Heiland has a DaVinci roof on his own home, which made an impression on us. He showed us other work he's done in the area. We couldn't have been more pleased with his services."

From John Simonelli in Norman, Oklahoma

"McRay Roofing was very professional.  They did an excellent job replacing my roof in a timely manner and with little disruption.  Their customer service was great.  I would highly recommend them."

John Simonelli

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