Make A Statement On Your Exterior With Black

Cheery yellow, bright red and crisp white have their place as exterior colors, but classic black might be just the color if you want to really stand out from your neighbors.

A DaVinci Roofscapes slate black roof can be a great choice or maybe you prefer the front door or shutters painted black.



But, would you ever consider it for your entire exterior? Do you think that sounds spooky or haunted? Then think again.

Any style home is a candidate for a deep black exterior but on small homes it can really turn them into something special. Lauren and Kyle Zerbey, two architects chose black when renovating their 1910 fixer-upper in Seattle.

Modern and sleek buildings really speak out loud when you paint exterior black. Maybe that is why it was the color chosen by Swedish Architect Peter Sahlin for his winter weekend home.  A hot–colored door really pops against a black backdrop. The door on this home designed by r.o.i. stands out and says, “welcome!”

Even an older home can be brought into contemporary life with dramatic tones of black richness.

Black is a wonderful heat absorber and can be a great green choice for reducing heating costs. This residence built in Kansas City, KS by Studio 804 was built for energy efficiency.

So, are you still scared of the dark? I hope not because even if a black exterior isn’t right for you it is always very beneficial if you can put aside your color biases and be open to all of the possibilities when choosing the colors for your home.