MOLD — A Four-Letter Word?

029Let’s face it, no one likes mold. It can be dangerous to our health and our homes. Mold Awareness Month in September focuses on the hazards of mold, how to spot its growth and how to carefully remove it.

Up on the roof, the growth of mold, fungus and algae on real cedar shingles is a problem. The spores can “eat away” at real cedar, harming the functionality of a roof.

But, what about how mold, aging and the effects of the sun impact the look of a cedar roof?

Oftentimes people find the aging process on real cedar appealing. It can create anything from a greenish mossy look to dark black “stains” that are quite striking on a home.

That conflicting feeling of “loving of the look” (but not the problems) of aging real cedar is why we created the Nature Crafted Collection. We identified a moment in time when Mother Nature’s harmful effects on real cedar shakes – but appealing looks — can be transferred to our composite shakes. And, we’ve captured those beautiful colors for a lifetime.


Multi-Width Shake_Black Oak

Mold: Love it or Hate it

Over time, mold and moisture on some natural cedar shingles can give it a dark, decaying look — almost a black bark coloring. Real mold is something people truly dislike. However, we’ve taken away the reason to worry about mold.

We’ve captured the rick look of darkening cedar, without the hassles. DaVinci Roofscapes now offers a Black Oak color that recreates the mature, deep brownish black color of aging. The color features random dark streaks on our composite shakes. We actually grasp a moment in time and hold onto the color for decades. All without the worries associated with real cedar.

Multi-Width Shake_Mossy Cedar

Maybe our Black Oak is a bit too dark for your home … that’s fine because we also offer a Mossy Cedar featuring a damp, greenish character. While in real cedar this is achieved by moss and lichen that are not good for the longevity of the roof, the color is one that many people desire for their natural-looking shake roofs. The Mossy Cedar color holds those color tones while taking away worries about the durability of the roof.

Finally, you may be interested in our Aged Cedar color. This burnt reddish cedar tone can be found when there’s a transition from a new cedar shake roof into the weathered deeper tone. With Aged Cedar, you arrest the point in time when the true red hues come shining through on a cedar roof.

Multi-Width Shake_Aged Cedar

The realistic-looking Nature Crafted Collection colors on our composite multi-width and single-width shake tiles provide you with the ability to gain the specific natural color you desire on your roof without the hassles of dealing with real wood.

Best of all, DaVinci shake products have a lifetime limited warranty and will not split, crack, curl or fade. Each tile has been crafted to resist fire and impact, along with high winds, mold, algae, fungus and insects. And, for a completely authentic look, our composite roofing tiles come in both wavy and straight grains throughout each piece of synthetic shake to achieve a genuine wood look.

See for yourself. Visit our Color Visualizer to see how the Nature Crafted Collection of colors can look on your home. You can also gain exterior home color tips using our Black Oak, Aged Cedar and Mossy Cedar roof colors by viewing our free ebook — FRESH and Natural!