Mold, Mildew, Fungus…. Not on a DaVinci Roof

Simulated Shake RoofingWhenever you use a natural product, you run the risk of having mold, mildew or fungus – unless, of course, that natural product is properly treated to resist those things. Unfortunately, that “treatment” is only temporary and as it wears off, the natural wood or stone then becomes susceptible to mold, mildew and fungus all over again. So you have to continue to retreat the roof to avoid the problems.

However, when you use a man made product like our plastic roofing materials, then you significantly reduce that risk.

That’s why we call our tile roofs virtually maintenance free – because not only do they have a long life (50 years), but they also are virtually hassle free during those 50 years.

We hear quite often from our customers how important low maintenance and pest resistance are to them. For example, check out what North Carolina roofer, Stacey Stines had to say about our products vs. natural shake: “Well, the weather here is #1. We get as much as rain and as we do sun. With the amount of trees we have around, natural wood roofs constantly stay wet and never dry out. So there are a lot of bug problems as a result.  We have carpenter ants and a lot of times, when we tear off an old wood roof, the roof is crawling with them, but not with DaVinci because it doesn’t absorb water.”

We love to hear the advantages of our products – what have you found to be advantageous about DaVinci?