More Realistic DaVinci Single-Width Slate Profile!

What's got us excited at DaVinci Roofscapes as we wind up 2014 and head into 2015? The new profile we've created for our DaVinci Single-Width Slate 12-inch tiles!

slate roofThis new Single-Width Slate profile has a more authentic quarried look, so it more accurately resembles natural slate roof tiles. We've spent the past year designing improvements to this slate alternative tile so that it now carries a sharper, more realistic profile. This includes edges that now have a more quarried look to them and deeper impressions in the imitation slate tiles to make them appear thicker.

We based this composite slate enhancement on customer feedback to our original Single-Width Slate tiles. And, here's some great news: while the new simulated slate roofing tiles look heavier, they're the same weight as our previous synthetic slate roof tiles, and installation procedures remain the same!

This improvement affects all eight different slate 12-inch tiles found in our blended bundles — and all our color and blend options for Single-Width Slate. We encourage you to contact us for a sample of this new composite slate profile. When you see and feel these pieces we believe you'll be impressed with the endless options they present for your roofing projects!

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