Multi-Width Slate vs. Single Width Slate Profiles

Multi Width StaggeredWhen DaVinci first started out we launched with our flagship product – a multi-width polymer slate profile. These tiles came in (and still do) 5 different widths – 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6".  The 5 different widths help with:

  • quicker installation (there is less cutting and therefore the tiles can be installed more quickly)
  • less waste (again because there is less cutting, there is less waste)
  • natural appearance (slate is a natural product, so when you are emulating it with a manufactured slate tile, you want to have the varied widths that they had with natural slate).

Also, multiple widths create a more natural appearance that can be laid in a straight or staggered pattern. You can see how this looks in the photo to the right.

Single Width single-width TilesHowever, we soon discovered that some home and building owners (and architects) were looking for a single width 12" tile to replicate the old roofs they were replacing. And the 12" tile seemed to be the ideal choice.

So, we started to offer our slate tiles in not only the multi-width option, but also the single-width option – Single-Width Valoré Slate Tiles. Our Valoré profile allows for a clean, simple design which is ideal for certain architectural styles of homes. You can see that example in the photo on the left – notice that the tiles are laid in a straight pattern and are also all the same width.

Do you have questions about any of the DaVinci Slate profiles? Feel free to email us or call 1-800-328-4624.