National Safety Month Jobsite Tips

June is National Safety Month … an excellent time for a refresher course on jobsite safety when installing a DaVinci synthetic slate or composite shake roof.

Here are some tips for roofers to follow when installing our roofs:

Synthetic SlateTip #1 – Start by wearing clothes and shoes that are comfortable, yet sensible for the jobsite. This includes closed-toe shoes or work boots that can give you traction on the roof.

Tip #2 – Always stay harnessed or tethered in when working on roofs. Click HERE for tips from Family Handyman magazine on how to properly use a roof safety harness.

Tip #3 – When nailing or screwing on roofing tiles, always wear safety glasses. Make sure your nail gun is properly cleaned and well-lubricated before each use. And, never rest the nail gun against your body to stop the potential of misfires.

Tip #4 – Don’t over-exert yourself. Position materials close to the roof and ladder area to save time and energy. If you’re carrying bundles up the ladder to the roof, make your legs do the work, not your back.

Tip #5 – Take time to secure your ladder on a solid, level surface. For the safest angle, place the base of the ladder a quarter of the working length of the ladder away from the wall or other vertical surface Make sure you don’t have to stretch or reach more than your arm’s length while standing on the ladder.

These are only some of the key tips for roofers to keep in mind. For additional roofer safety tips, see 10 Safety Tips for Roofers.

Making the time at each and every jobsite to assure that you and your co-workers are practicing safety measures can have a big impact on your long-term viability as a roofer. Thinking “safety first” can eliminate dangerous situations on the jobsite.