Need Help Blending to Existing Roof

We need to replace part of the roof over a “mudroom” entrance. We are trying to blend to existing roof and could use your advice regarding color and type of product.


Jeffrey S. Garrett, MD
Pittsburgh, PA
Product: Slate

Hello Dr. Garrett,

Thank you for the pictures of your home and the current material you are replacing. It does help to give me an idea of your project however I am not completely clear about what part of the home you will be changing the roof on so I am giving you my best match overall.

It appears that the closest roofing tile profile to what you have now is the single-width product.

I have shown two colors in a three-color mix. Dark violet in position #1 and #3, with light violet in position #2. You can see this on the color studio and even play with the mix yourself.

While with the online tool these colors look like the best match, I don’t believe they are exactly the right colors to match your existing roof.  I do think they will give you an idea of what the roofing would look like compared to your existing roof since you are going to be seeing the two side-by-side on the home.

In order to find the best two colors to use please compare the sample to the existing roofing materials on your home. I think they are actually more red than our violet and the representative can send you samples to look at against your existing home so that you see it in the position and lighting you will view the roof in everyday. The texture and material is different so you will not get an exact match but you should be able to find something close so it is not too apparent that it is different.

The home is an attractive style and has the kind of detail and look that so many people appreciate. If you decided to redo the entire roof so that you do not have two different materials co-existing on your home it seems it could pay off in the value added and you’d never have to think about the roof again.

I hope that helps you as you work through the process.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert