Need Help With Color Before We Order…

Need assistance picking out colors before we order.

Jordan Brody
Philadelphia, PA

Product: DaVinci Slate














Dear Mr. Brody,

I have looked at the pictures of the church in Philadelphia, PA and have these recommendations:

The DaVinci Multi-width Slate is an excellent solution to replace the roof on this style and age building.

The current roof appears to blend with the stone rather than standing out in high contrast. I recommend that you continue with the same balance of values and colors.

In the photographs the stones appear to be light brown with warm red undertones. The grout between the stones appears to be a mid-tone gray. Taking those two factors into consideration I recommend that you go with an overall blend that is a few steps darker than the stone and at least as dark if not darker in value than the grout.

You do not want the pattern on the roof to compete with the texture of the stone for visual attention. Make sure that the overall blend of colors appears darker than the stone and also appears to have less pattern. You can do this by choosing tile colors that are closer in value and allow the VariBlend-blend technology to give the roof color variations that are more subtle and natural.

The two blends of colors that I'd like you to look at are: 

Medium and Dark Tahoe- leans more brown

Medium, Medium Dark and Dark Mountain- leans more gray

I believe either will work beautifully. If the building is as it appears on my screen I prefer the Mountain blend but the best way to know for certain is to look at your sample on site.

I hope this explanation and recommendations are helpful. I'll look forward to seeing this classic church with its new roof.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert