Need Help with Color Blend Selection to Enhance Brick

What is the best color to blend/enhance the red brick and dark brown siding and tannish trim. A darker Autumn-VariBlend? Tahoe-VariBlend seems to be too gray. Other product samples of grayish roof materials do not match well at all.

Name: Stan Ward
Product: Single-Width or Fancy Shake


Dear Mr. Ward,

You are correct in your thinking that a gray or color that leans gray will not be the best choice for a roof for your home. I agree that you will want to find a shake that brings out the brown and red tones of the existing materials.

I recommend either Tahoe or Mountain in either the Fancy Shake or Single-Width Shake. Both of these colors have a warm brown tone. Go outside during the late morning or early afternoon to look at a sample of each color and decide which is more appealing with your brick.

Either profile shake will work well on your home. Personally I like the Fancy Shake slightly better with your other finishes but go with the profile you prefer since either will be lovely and give your home a nice refresh update.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert