Neighborly Advice: Get Composite Shake Tiles

After the Architectural Review Committee at Wynstone community in North Barrington, Illinois approved the installation of DaVinci Roofscapes composite shake roofs on homes, neighbors started talking. Several homeowners immediately contacted the Shake Guys to replace their older roofs with the approved composite shake tiles.

“DaVinci composite shake roofing tiles are the most common alternative roofing product that consumers choose instead of real cedar shakes,” says Chad Janisch, owner of Shake Guys. “We’ll probably install almost 40 DaVinci roofs this year alone.”

According to Janisch, homeowners are looking for a maintenance-free roofing system that can perform and exceed the lifespan of a real cedar shake roof. “Our clients enjoy the natural curb appeal and insulation value of cedar,” says Janisch. “However, it’s a soft wood fiber product that requires maintenance and preservation. An average-sized 5,000-square-foot cedar shake roof can cost a homeowner up to $6,000 in maintenance during the life span of the roofing system.

“The maintenance-free aspect of the DaVinci composite roofing system is extremely appealing to homeowners. As soon as this roof is installed they can forget about repairs and preserving the roof as they did with a real cedar roof. This is a roof that enhances the curb appeal.”

Lightning + Cedar = Trouble

There are 327 estate homes in the Wynstone neighborhood. The Jack Nicklaus Golf  Course Community occupies 750 acres of rolling terrain that includes woodlands, wetlands, ponds and 120 acres of  lakes.

Homeowner Judy Caminiti loves living in Wynstone, but not the frequent challenging weather conditions. Following a recent lightning strike at her house, Caminiti hired Shake Guys to re-roof her home.

“Lighting struck the chimney causing major damage to my cedar roof,” says Caminiti. “After that I went online researching a replacement roof. Since our association approved the DaVinci product last year I talked to one of their representatives. He put me in touch with Shake Guys and they were great.

composite shake roof shake guys

“Words cannot express how pleased I am with Chad and his crew. They cleaned up beautifully at the end of every day and were very professional.

“My new DaVinci Shake roof is just incredible. I love the realistic look of the composite shakes. And, I’m so excited not to have to deal with rodents, insects and real shakes any longer. I’m definitely a happy camper!”

Peace-of-Mind with Composite Roofing

Caminiti’s neighbor, Greg Rogus, was also in need of major roofing work. His old cedar shakes were damaged by wind and hail. That, plus the age and overall condition of his shake roof, made him decide it was time to have his roof replaced. 

“I worked on the re-roofing investigation process for several months,” says Rogus. “I spoke with neighbors considering the DaVinci composite shake roofing products, talked with representatives from Shake Guys and looked at other homes in our community that had made the change. I invested in the DaVinci Shake roof in a Tahoe blend because it gives me confidence I won’t have any more roofing issues for as long as I live here.

“This composite roof is attractive and carries a strong warranty. Also, when it comes time to sell my house, I believe having the DaVinci product overhead will add value to the resale price.”

composite shake roof shake guys

According to Rogus, the new composite shake roof looks great and has generated compliments from several neighbors. As for Shake Guys, Rogus gives them an A+ rating.

“Right from the start Chad provided tremendous assistance in dealing with my insurance company,” says Rogus. “He was responsive and easy to work with. He answered all my questions and returned my calls and emails promptly. The crew was courteous and worked efficiently and carefully. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shake Guys to anyone needing a new roof.”

Shake Expert

If anyone knows shake shingles, it’s the Shake Guys. Janisch himself has more than 20 years experience in the roofing industry. His hard-working team installs approximately 160 cedar shake roofs a year.

Now, with composite shake alternative roofs gaining popularity in the marketplace, Janisch believes there’s a place for quality synthetic roofing options. “DaVinci is one of a very few manufacturers that have been time tested,” says Janisch. “Their composite shake tiles have been installed and used much longer than some other competitive synthetic products that are new to the marketplace.

“If my friends or family members were considering a new roof other than natural cedar, I’d tell them to consider DaVinci. This is a cedar shake substitution that will enhance the curb appeal of their home, yet not cost them any additional expense or effort to maintain it over the lifespan of the roof.”