Neighborly Advice

Forget about borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbors. Instead, borrow their great idea for a new roof. That’s what homeowner Deborah Thorsen did.

“My real cedar roof was in poor shape after 18 years and really needed to be replaced,” say Thorsen. “Four years ago my neighbor got a DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roof. I found that intriguing, and when it came time for my roof replacement I researched DaVinci.

“Frankly, the composite shake roof from DaVinci was the only product that gave me the look I wanted.”

Big Insurance Savings

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Located just a mile from the water in Stuart, Florida, Thorsen happily discovered that her new composite cedar shake roof from DaVinci gave her more than just a good looking roof. When she contacted her insurance company she discovered she’d be saving a substantial amount on her homeowner insurance each year.

“Thanks to the features of the DaVinci roof, I’ve gone from paying $7,000 a year to just $1,500!” says Thorsen. “With such a large savings the roof will pay for itself within a few years!”

Approved for Miami Dade Code, the DaVinci composite shake shingles boast a Class A fire rating and Class 4 impact resistance. The durable tiles also resist winds up to 110 mph and are backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.

Installed by Elite Roofing, the roof on Thorsen’s home has already handled some stressful weather. The product brings peace-of-mind to Thorsen along with making her the next neighbor to offer advice to others.

“A lady tracked me down to tell me she loves my roof and wanted more details on it,” says Thorsen. “I’m happy to share and have even passed out samples of the DaVinci roofing tiles to our homeowner association leaders.

“My advice to neighbors is to invest in this synthetic roof … not only for the beauty and durability, but also for the potential insurance savings!”