New Roof? Think Snow Guards! Part 1

If you live in an area that gets a decent amount of snow, you've probably experienced or seen snow avalanches or snow slides off of roofs. To help prevent falling and sliding snow, we recommend installing snowguards with our roof tiles. Snowguards are pieces of metal that have been engineered to fit on your existing roof and to help snow stay on a roof and melt off slowly. The photos below show what snowguards look like when they are installed on our fake slate as well as an example of a roof that is in need of snowguards.

Snowguards come in a few different forms. There are also rail, bar or fence snowguards.  Depending on where you live and the amount of snow fall that you get every year, your professional roofing contractor will be able to recommend which snow retention system is best for your home or building.

Looking for a snowguard supplier? Rocky Mountain Snowguards is a great resource.

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Do you have snowguards on your roof? What kind do you have? Have they helped with snow retention?

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