New Slate Roof Color Scheme Advice Needed

Looking at color schemes for Single Width Slate DaVinci roofing. Initially thought Brownstone-VariBlend would be good but now having some second thoughts. Would like some opinions and ideas.


Name: Wade Gaeddert
McPherson, KS
Product: DaVinci Single-Width Slate



Dear Mr. Gaeddert,

You are among a special group of homeowners, who can’t go wrong with any of DaVinci colors. Your home would work with just about every color and style offered. That being said there are a few that I think you would be very happy with so allow me to point those out. In the end it really will just come down to personal taste.

You mentioned DaVinci Single-Width Slate and that would be an excellent profile for your home. I think the straight rows complement the look of your home.

The varied warm tones of the Brownstone-VariBlend would work well. The variation in the brown tones would add additional texture and design to your roof that would be very nice.

Smokey Gray or Slate Gray are other colors to consider. Smokey Gray is darker; Slate Gray lighter and warmer.

Look at the colors while standing outside your home and go with the colors that looks best to you. You really can’t go wrong.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

Slate Alternative