No More Roof Maintenance Worries

DaVinci SlateWhen you select DaVinci synthetic slate roof tiles or synthetic shake shingles for your roof, you are selecting a roof that is going to be virtually maintenance free.

Our 50-year roof tiles are a man made product – man made to eliminate a lot of the woes that come with a natural roofing products, like:

    • Freeze/thaw issues
    • Pests and insects issues
    • Hail issues
    • Wind issues


In some parts of the country there are big swings in temperature from morning to night. This swing in temperature, especially if moisture is added to the mix, can be very troublesome for a roof. If a roof covering absorbs moisture and goes through these freeze thaw cycles, there can be damage that results in crazing, cracking, splitting, etc. Because DaVinci is made from a polymer, our roof tiles are impervious to freeze/thaw cycles.

DaVinci shingle systems have attained a Class 4 impact rating – the best that a  roofing product can have. As a result, if you live in an area that is prone to hail – then you can rest assured that you are not going to have the issues with impact that you would with a natural material.

Our products have superior wind performance that will help protect your roof during high winds and nasty storms (wind speeds and issues can vary depending on where you live).

Did you go with DaVinci? How do you like your roof? What roofing material did you have before you put on DaVinci? What are some of the improvements you have seen with our polymer roofing systems?  Please share your roof story with us.