No Regrets

Have you ever been asked by a friend how you REALLY like something a few years after you purchase it … like a car, an upgraded TV or a computer system?

Many times we have to “live with” something for awhile before we truly feel that we can make a recommendation. That’s why we’ve gone back to some homeowners who purchased DaVinci Roofscapes during the past decade to find out how they truly feel about their investment in a designer roof. Here’s what they have to say:

Composite slate roof

“We are completely satisfied with our roof. I would recommend it to anyone who desires a high-quality, attractive roof system for their home.”

          –Al Ruggirello, 2015 DaVinci roof purchaser – Traverse City, Michigan

slate roof

“Investing in a DaVinci roof has freed me from the never-ending depreciation debacle that owners of other roofs get to face. This roof has done rather well. After it was installed I watched hail about 1-1/2″ in diameter bounce off of it without leaving a trace.”

-Dean Imel, 2010 DaVinci roof purchaser – Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

colorful slate roof

“This is the best roof I have ever had the pleasure of being over my head with no worries when storms pass by. We have a wonderful, vibrant roof color and consistently ‘no wear’ on the roof! It’s worth the additional initial cost as a long-term investment and savings.”

-Raymond Knoff, 2012 DaVinci roof purchaser – Vinton, Iowa

Slate Tile Roof

“The DaVinci roof has performed perfectly. This was an excellent investment. Lake Tahoe gets severe winter snow storms, and 2016/2017 was one of the worst with about 12 feet of snow. The house and the roof are still intact with the snow just seeming to slide off of the roof.”

-Emilio Ricci, 2010 DaVinci roof purchaser – Tahoe City, California