October 6-12 is Fire Prevention Week… What’s On Your Roof?

If you’ve been watching all the wildfires that have occurred this summer, then it makes sense why a full week in October is devoted to fire prevention.

The truth is that every week should be fire prevention week.

As a manufacturer of roofing products, we are highly aware of the importance of fire prevention. After all, many roofs made of natural products like cedar shake shingles can be a catalyst to a much larger fire. It is for this reason that many communities around the country have outlawed the use of natural wood shakes on re-roofs. That’s why products like DaVinci are so important – they allow for the aesthetic appeal of the natural roofing products that people have used for centuries, but add a performance aspect those natural counterparts never had. For example, we have made sure that all of our lightweight roofing tiles offer the best fire rating available for roofing products – Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108) when used with proper underlayments.

This video from our YouTube channel is probably appropriate for Fire Prevention wee. It shows our DaVinci Shake tiles vs. their natural counterpart during a Class A burning brand test. You will see how the DaVinci synthetic shake shingles stand up to fire compared to natural cedar shakes.

Having trouble watching this video? Click here to view.

Don’t live in an area with wildfires? Fire prevention is still key because lightning strikes can start fires in an instant. On another note, you might also want to check with your home or building insurance company. They just might offer a discount for installing a Class A fire rated product.