Out of the Mouths of Contractors

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we get calls every day from roofing installers who have had positive experiences with our polymer roofing tiles. Want to listen in? Here are some comments we’ve heard…

tudor home with davinci tilesWe’ve done numerous re-roofing jobs with slate and shake profile tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes that are backed by a 50-year limited warranty. When we’re bidding on a job, we showcase these DaVinci products because they look great when properly installed, offer an excellent warranty and have a Class 4 impact rating which is very important in our area.”
Mark Bloyer, owner, Bloyer Roofing in Winfield, Kansas


“I’ve worked with the DaVinci product before in our area and felt the long-term value these polymer tiles would bring to the Animas Museum project would be ideal. Each Fancy Shake tile has a refined cedar look, much like a machine-sawn shake shingle, so it blends in perfectly with our mountain setting. Plus, the tiles resist insects, fungus, algae, mold, cracking, fading and curling.”
Tony Whittle, owner and president of TL Roofing in Durango, Colorado


“The College of New Jersey asked me what I recommended as the best roof for these re-roofing projects and I said it had to be DaVinci,” says Strober, whose company has been providing roofing services since 1928. “The officials at the school did their research and agreed with my recommendation. From there we picked out colors to complement the campus setting and got started with the installation project.”
Gerald Strober, president, Strober Roofing & Metal Works, Frenchtown, New Jersey


“I’m a big believer in polymer roofing products for our geographic area. The security that comes from this community now having these DaVinci roofs overhead is unmatched. Homeowners get peace-of-mind, low maintenance and years of guaranteed top performance.”
Al Christiano, senior account manager for Empire Roofing in Sunrise, Florida


“This roofing project really shows how the right man-made products can complement a historic home design. The Slate Gray color chosen for the DaVinci roof complements the strong Arts and Crafts lines of the home while subtly allowing the architectural details of the house remain the focal point.”
Blake Gillette, owner, Christian Brothers Roofing in Grand Prairie, Texas

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