Please Help Narrow Down Color Selections…

Looking to narrow down product & color selection & looking for ideas.

I’m interested in using one of your shake products in the gable areas of my home and either the slate or shake product on the front porch roof.

Kevin Steltenpohl
Grafton, Wisconsin
Product: Shake


Dear Mr. Steltenpohl,

From what I see in the picture as well as what you have indicated in your description that you are trying to bring together different materials and colors into a cohesive look for your exterior. Doing so is a little more challenging than a typical 3-color exterior scheme but the payoff for your effort is an exterior that has lots of style and personality.

It is difficult for me to clearly see your existing colors and materials in your photo but I think my recommendations are still correct. I would like you to confirm while looking at samples of the color recommendations in close proximity to your existing materials.

For the shake on the gables you have a couple of options. You can go with a color similar to the brick around the base of your home. Weathered Gray appears to be a good match. Or you can go with a color that is a closer match for the stain on your garage. Tahoe would be my recommendation in that case. Whatever color you choose the uneven sized of the DaVinci Fancy Shake or DaVinci Multi-Width Shake would break up the evenly spaced lines of your main roof and brickwork and give you the interest this area deserves with both in color and pattern.

As for the accent roof, I recommend blending with the color of the existing roof but changing the surface to DaVinci Slate or going with a brown tone similar to the stain on the doors and the color in the gables. I’m leaning towards going with a gray that blends with the existing roof — Smokey Gray or Slate Gray but a warm brown tone similar darker than whatever color you choose for the gables could work too but you will have to look at some samples of the color in place to find just the right one that works with the other colors.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

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