Please HELP with Color and Style…

Color. Home is currently in framing stage. We are using a used / antique brick (see pic), and probably a whitish trim. Need help with style AND Color.

Thank you,

Jeff Bouldin
Fairview, TX
Product: Fancy Shake,Shake or Slate







Dear Mr. Bouldin,

Without knowing anything about the style of your home, I can only give you some insight into the color and type of roofing that generally will work well with this style of brick.

The antique brick appears to work with either a gray-based or brown-based roofing tile. It will also work well with either slate or shake style tiles depending on which you prefer on your home.

Of the four options I am showing, I prefer the slate gray. It offers a nice contrast to the bricks, is a classic choice and would go with any style of home. Slate black could also be a good choice but in the strong sunlight of Texas may be too strong a contrast and too dark in general.

A cooler and lighter medium & dark gray would be another choice that is classic but may not work as well as the other choices if all of the other permanent elements on the home lean warm.

The Mountain blend shake would be my choice if you wanted to go brown rather than gray. It goes well with the brick and is more neutral than some of the other brown-based tiles that are more chocolate brown and would not read as well with the brick.

You might find it helpful to download my two FRESH Color For Your Home’s Exterior ebooks. The steps given can help you to coordinate all of the elements of your exterior from roof tiles and brick to paint and trim.

Best of luck in selecting the perfect colors for your new home. I hope this information is helpful in the process.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert