Polymer Shake – All the Beauty Without the Hassles!

Composite ShakeSo you have an old shake roof and you love the look of it, but it has started to fail and you need to replace it. Or wait, you love the look of shake and have always wanted a shake roof, but don’t see how it can be practical these days. Not a problem. DaVinci has the answer for you. Our cedar shake alternative is a roofing tile that is made from a polymer.

Here are some of the things that you will love about our composite shake product compared to it’s natural counterpart:

    • You don’t have to worry about your polymer shake fading to an unrecognizable color where natural shake can fade to a number of different colors. As well, DaVinci shake products come in several different color blends so that it looks authentic and the color you buy is the color that will be on your house for years to come!


    • Fire retardance in natural shake isn’t always the best. Coupled with the right underlayment, our shake products have a Class A fire rating.


    • Freeze and thaw cycles can do a number on natural shake – much like it can do to your trees. However, with DaVinci Shake, you don’t run into problems with freeze and thaw cycles, as our products are impervious to freeze/thaw cycles.


  • Hail resistance in natural shake only lasts for a short amount of time before the shakes become brittle from weather cycles. DaVinci tiles offer a Class 4 Impact rating.


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