Potatoes, Pancakes and Shopping Carts

What’s not to love about February? For true romantics there’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th … and for unconventional “love affairs” February is Potato Lovers Month, Love the Bus Month and Library Lovers Month. And, don’t get us started on who could have created the national celebration of “Working Naked Day” on February 1st!

While these are all fun February celebrations, at DaVinci Roofscapes, we decided to name February our own “We Love Color Month.” That’s because, with the recent addition of our 50th color — Smokey Gray — DaVinci now offers “50 Shades of DaVinci” for homeowners to add to their luxury roofs!

From Light Chesapeake to Dark Weathered Gray, we’ve got you covered in every range of gray you can imagine. (Bonus: See Don’t Hide Your Gray!) Plus, for more colorful roofs, we offer Dark Terracotta, Light New Cedar and Dark Violet. Looking to feature a “woodsy” color for your polymer roof? Then check out our Medium Autumn, Light Tahoe and Dark Clay roofing color options. And, if none of our 50 colors work for you, we can create a custom color roof to perfectly match your needs.

So, while the rest of America celebrates “Return Your Shopping Carts to the Supermarket” Month in February, or National Pancake Week from the 14-20, at DaVinci we’re focused on making February all about colors!