Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let You Hair Down

What do old medieval castles and some very expensive modern homes have in common? Turrets. Those are the conical roofing structures that make you think of Rapunzel in her tower. An example is this DaVinci Roofscapes Class A fire rated roof in Colorado.

Colorado turret

These turret roofs are very cool to look at but as roofer you would rather not. Yikes! The tiles need to be cut so that they are narrower on top than on the bottom and the closer you get to the top the greater the angle. Additionally the roof surface is not flat, there is always a crown it the decking. They are one of the most difficult structures there is to install a roof on.

But wait. DaVinci Roofscapes has a solution. DaVinci Roofscapes has a custom turret package where we will cut all your DaVinci lightweight tiles to the exact specifications of the turret that needs to be roofed. DaVinci just needs to know the circumference of turret, the pitch, and the size of the metal cone. Once we know that we will cut the tiles, bundle them, and identify the right bundles for each course.turret bundles

turret bundles

Once the bundles are received on the job you chalk lines on the turret and start installing the pre-cut imitation slate shingles. Voila!

DaVinci Turret

Here’s one more tip. When I install tiles on a turret I drive a 16d nail part way down right on the point of the turret. I wrap a string around the nail and attach a pencil to the end. If you pull the string tight you can make a mark all the way around the turret to make sure all the courses stay even.