Ready for National Home Improvement Month?

Improving your home not only increases its market value, it also enhances curb appeal and the likelihood of getting attention of potential buyers quickly if you decide to sell in the future. You may be able to manage simple changes on your own, but it is highly 51recommended that you get a remodeling professional or a contractor to guide you in the more serious endeavors, like a roof.

Here are some helpful steps you should take into consideration:

  • Plan:  Starting a home improvement project without any clear plan is a recipe for disaster. Planning allows you to find the best materials and see home trends that are being used. It also helps to keep a lid on your budget by knowing how much of your resources will be allocated at different stages of the project. Always look into different designs and products to see how your current home can be adapted to implement these changes.
  • Examine: Does your home need minor or major improvement? A trained professional eye can guide you to the right answer for this question. You need to carefully examine all the major areas of your house: roof, walls, siding, windows, doors, garage and gutters to see where need to be improved. You should also take the interior of your home into consideration when doing a home improvement project.
  • Adhere: Maybe you want to use shingles or go for a cedar shake roof, but are these allowed? Check with your Homeowners Association (if you have one) to see which improvements are permitted. You will avoid many frustrations if you do.

DaVinci Roofscapes is excited to see all the improvements you make to your home in May! Be sure to share your projects with us – we would love to see all the new DaVinci composite slate roof on your rooftops.