Real Versus Artificial? You Can Put an End to the Debate

In the longstanding debate over real versus artificial, this could be the year your family chooses to buy a fake Christmas tree. More realistic designs and concerns for the environment are tipping the scales in favor of opting for an imitation rather than a fresh tree.

Real Versus Artificial Shake or SlateSince the first artificial trees were produced in 1880; answering the demand for trees in Germany which had been subject to massive deforestation at the time, they have risen in popularity. The artificial trees proved to be very popular, and a short time later found its ways into American homes as well.

American culture wouldn’t be changed by the introduction of the artificial Christmas tree, however, until 1992. This is the year when innovations in manufacturing these trees made buying a fake tree significantly cheaper than purchasing a real one. Coupled with the fact that they are maintenance free, reusable, and look like a tree ideally found in nature, if you could find one, artificial trees will surely find their way into American homes for years to come.

Christmas trees, like Davinci Roofscapes synthetic roof tiles, win out when the man-made product has not only the authentic look of their natural counterpart but also has superior performance. Who would have imagined when these products first came onto the scene that they would forever change family traditions and homes.

Even if your family isn’t ready to end the real versus artificial tree argument, I think you can all agree that when it comes to a new roof there is no debate. DaVinci synthetic shake or slate will outlast the real product. They are available in a gorgeous range of color blends that mimic natural shake and slate. And maybe best of all, they are maintenance free.

With a DaVinci Roofscapes roof, there is nothing to do but enjoy the holidays.