Realtor Insights for Great Curb Appeal

Who knows what products add value to a home better than a realtor?

According to a majority of realtors, the selling process starts before prospective buyers ever get out of their cars. Curb appeal can instantly make or break the first impression of a house. In a 2016 study of REALTORS®, a whopping 99 percent of respondents indicated that curb appeal is important when attracting a buyer.


When looking at a home exterior for curb appeal opportunities, key focal areas are the overall appeal of the home design, landscaping and cleanliness. And, much of the focus is on the top of the home — the roof.

“An impressive elevation and roof line can make a big difference in curb appeal,” says Kurt Geschwender, CRP, CRS, Geschwender Real Estate Co. in Nebraska. “In many cases it’s subliminal, but nonetheless the look of the roof helps a great deal in getting a prospect to inquire about a property.” 

Composite Roofing Curb Appeal

With National Curb Appeal Month in August, experts at DaVinci Roofscapes® have taken the time to poll a variety of realtors across the country on their insights into curb appeal related to roofing. DaVinci Roofscapes, the industry leader in composite roofing colors, manufactures low-maintenance slate and shake tiles for homes across America, adding curb appeal to every project showcasing the company’s roofing product.

“From my standpoint, a composite roof would be an immediate upsell,” says John E. Lynn, SRES with 5 Star Real Estate Pros at Keller Williams Mountain Partners in North Carolina. “In fact, I would make note of it in the features section of the MLS listing with any other special aspects of the house. It automatically raises the quality of the house in the eyes of the buyer.

“I think that having a good looking composite roof would benefit the homeowner when it comes time to sell, because having something like that could be a good bargaining chip. The look of a composite roof is just as important as its durability.”

Across the country in Colorado, realtor Steve Baker agrees with Lynn’s insights. “There’s maybe a 75 percent chance that selling a home with a good-looking, no-maintenance composite roof with a lifetime limited materials warranty would be easier than selling one with other roofing products,” says Baker with The Baker Team at Sears Real Estate, CNE, SRES in Colorado. “Geography plays a part in this.

“In our area a DaVinci roof is known for its durability and resistance to hail, which we get quite often. The combined aspect of having a good looking upgraded roof that helps protect the home adds to the overall appeal of the house.”

Curb Appeal Aspects that Add Value to the Home

While the look of a home exterior brings potential buyers inside the home, realtor Michael Giliano pushes hard on exterior benefits before people get inside the front door.


“We have a $1.1 million home for sale right now with a DaVinci roof,” says Giliano, with Compass Real Estate in Chicago. “Oftentimes I have to educate home buyers on the benefits of this type of roof. Once they understand that this is maintenance-free compared to a true cedar shake roof, their minds start working.

“All of a sudden the roof adds greater value to the home … in this case about $20,000 at least. Anything that adds life to the home exterior increases the value of the home. So, it’s not just about ‘seeing’ what’s on the outside of the house, it’s about understanding the features that homeowners have invested in to make the exterior a greater value.”

Low-Maintenance Strikes a Chord with Homebuyers

In New Jersey, with more than 20 years selling experience, realtor Vincent Stanson relates that homebuyers are very focused on the roof.

“The first thing my buyers look at is the condition and life left in a roof,” says Stanson, with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Bergen County, New Jersey. “Composite roofing is a great upsell specifically because of the low maintenance and strong warranty aspects.

“For buyers in every market where I work, it’s all about maintenance-free living. People are looking for easy-care siding, trim, soffits, and most importantly the roof. When you have good-looking, maintenance-free roofs like those offered from DaVinci on a house, it’s a no-brainer sale.”